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Cook and Code 3: Rabbit Season

This meetup was graciously hosted by Dmytro Malikov. He put on his own Cook and Code at his home, with a few of his coworkers here, Eric and Matt.

We tried to implement the single chef / sous chef during this cook and code.


Dmytro suggested that we get adventurous, bringing Rabbit from this local latin market.

We ended up doing this recipe:


Matt brought Chips and I prepared some Rosemary red potatoes. Really helped keep the motivation up while we tried to figure out the rabbit.

Struggles are real

So we had some issues following this recipe. This was my first time cooking rabbit, and I wasn't prepare to be a butcher. I forgot to carry my Dad's Heavy cleaver, and tried sawing away at the bones and spine. Since it was Dmytro's knife, I feared the back of the rabbit would snap the thin blade.

I had to call over Dmytro to handle the Rabbit. Snap, went the shoulders, the mid back and the hind legs. In my 10 minutes of fiddling, he tore through the bones in 45 grunt filled seconds.

Team Troubleshooting

Dmytro had a little CSS problem. We were able to cast it up on his projector and team debug it.


I didn't think the Rabbit came out too well. Overcooked it. Even though it was my first rabbit. Jimmy made some backup ribs, and it went over well.