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New Boys In Town

One day an old friend came to me and mentioned if I wanted to start a business. So we did that. We started a new company. After a month of waiting, we got it! Costs us about 1000 dollars, but well worth it. We decided on TLA Global Solutions. LLC. We focus on making some flashy sites, data analysis, GIS and Social Media,etc. Still not too sure

Social Media?

Yeah social media, analyzing fan pages, getting demographic information, and optimizing their efforts. From my current job, we noticed that many businesses have a vague understanding of what is their online audience. Our goals are to bring businesses and individuals these tools, graphs and understanding in order to enhance their business.

At work, gotta create a battle plan on analyzing demographic information and social media information. Granted the APIs involved are the same, and the techniques are well documented, just got to be careful on what kind of methods to use.


Yeah, we have a good resource of GIS trained people. While I'm not too familliar with the software, I'm used to doing things a little bit of a manual way, relying on sql databases, massive logs, and some pretty Javascript virtualization. If we can get a contract or two in GIS, maybe it'll be a good place to look for extra work.


We got a few new projects rolling out this year. So Past to Future Games is rolling out very quickly, with renewed interest in development. Tim and Dimitra are hard at work, seeing major progress every week. I got a new animated logo up, maybe make it into an animated menu, with all the class of homestarrunner dot com.

After a few months of working at PlumPlex, Will has decided to convert bBadgeMedia to a wordpress site. So we'll be working on securing the content and all that important information.

Farida approached me with need of a new site for her fashion lines. In a short amount of time, we rolled out with iRidaNista which holds all her clothes, pictures from fashion shows, and an online shop. Hopefully that is enough.

Paula has decided to move ahead with the Senhorita's Macarons, a baking site, and we're planning on making it nice and animated and pretty. Hopefully the results are acceptable in the appropriate amount of time.

With the new business up and running, we gotta create a site for that too! sheesh. With all this site buildilng, where is the relaxation and the learning and the training time?