Tommy Lee Software development for everyone else


This is a list of projects that I’ve been involved with publicly and want to share. A lot of other projects are on my github. Feel free to check them out.

Current Projects

Currently I have the following up and running.

Friendship CRM

It’s management, on friendship! Originally used so that I have a better way of keeping track of different relationships and people in my life, so I can be more responsive and better. Started out as a prototype made in AirTable.

Archived Projects

RESTful API Presentation

Digital Wave

The Digital Wave is the next generation of everyone’s favorite sporting event activity, ‘The Wave’. This idea was conceived for Hack the Arena 2016. It was built on Node.js and

How it works

Users would put in their seat numbers and get assigned a section. They would then get a screen color that shifts and changes. Users would then point their cell phones to the jumbotron, and be part of a light show

Team Members

  • Mick Muzak
  • Timothy Findling